Monday, February 2, 2009

I Am Nature

As a child, I once fell down a tree. I just fell a few branches, ended up upside down, caught on a branch by one of my rubber boots. My mother claims I never made a sound - just hanged there quietly. I do not remember this myself, but I like to believe that I enjoyed the view. Up in the trees everything looks a little "Pollockesque".

I remove the "jazz" of Pollock's paintings, and create sugestive mirrors wich is largely based on light-dark contrasts rather than chromatic structure. The result is a setting up of a rigorous play of Pollock/anti-Pollock polarities in each work

The round shape is a comment on my use of a lens based equipment - Kodak's very first camera availiable to the public; the “No. 1 Kodak”, provided round images.

CUES_ Nature - science - fractals - light - optics - rythm - sequences - repetition - system - chaos - hole - personal - romantic - rebellion - yellow - 'picto-pop' - Pollock - eye - echo


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